Georgia Y

Diana J.


Dear Dawn,

This is a thank you that comes five years AFTER the first Feng shui consult you did for me. That first consult was my office here in Newport. The result looking back? I spent amazing and successful five years in that location.

So for the last chapter in that office of the past 5 years,  I say a massive thank you!

And now in 2023 my work location has changed and I am now setting up a new loft office.

In my gratitude for having such a prosperous and blessed last five years, I realized that your Feng shui consult was an important part of that journey. I loved the intentionality and thought of what I put in my office, where I put it and how it brought a level of awareness of all the things that must be in balance for success.

And in that realization it ‘dawned on me’ (pun intended!) , that I wanted to kick off my new working space with the same Feng shui journey!

Another call to you was my next move…and…Working together this second time was as fun as the first time!

Thank you for helping me to set up my new office.  It is always such a blessing to have not just your in-depth Feng shui knowledge, but also your massively positive and kind energy that unlocks the joy and the connection to everything.

I hope others have the very good fortune to find you.  And to have them experience your conscientious and caring application of how we tap into all the possibilities that exist.

Already my new office is beautiful and comfortable. I’d add that a hidden benefit of Feng shui for me is that it helps me to decorate because now I know ‘what needs to go where’ rather than just guessing. I can get down to business.  So really Feng shui helps me in ways even beyond the energy and space lay out.

Thank you. And I feel so blessed to have a human like you in my life.


Sue K.

Elizabeth G.

Vijaya A.


Vanessa B.

Robert H.

Lori P.

Kristi S



“Oh Dawn, I’m so in hopes you can figure out what is keeping me from sleeping well. It is difficult to even get 3 hrs of sleep 😴 most nights in a row.”

Brenda lives in Colorado. We consulted over the phone.


“What an amazing experience I had with Dawn this week…

A few of you know I live on 3-4 hours of sleep a night. So, my beautiful daughter and Dawn decided they would surprise me with Dawn doing her magic 🎩 called Feng Shui, in my bedroom.

First of all, I was happy to hear the mountains nourish me and are perfect for me.

I learned I’m not sleeping because of all the wood.

But Dawn I live in the mountains… 🏔 WOOD!!!

Well, I’m surrounded by wood even in my bedroom. So, she went about talking and deciding what I was to do about it… ADD color of fire she says.. 🔥

So far, I’ve added pillows and put a red blanket of on the bed.

Then came the need to reduce the metal in the room. Oh, did I mention that CJ has a couple of rifles ⚙and ammo under our bed. Guess that’s a NO NO.. Moved that…

The good news is our bedroom is in the best part of the house for both of us.

And, CJ and I share the same power directions. Another bit of good news.

You will have to get with Dawn for her to help you with your power directions, we’re all different…

Here’s the BEST news, with only a few tweaks already…

First night I got 7 hours of sleep.

Second night I got 5 hours of sleep

Last night I got 6 hours of sleep.

Can’t wait to go to bed tonight

Thank you to Dawn and Missy for a wonderful birthday,

Love you.”

On 10/11/21 the text update from Brenda is “Good morning, 7.5 hrs sleep last night….I’m liking the touches of red in our bedroom…”

It is REWARDING to help people like Brenda SLEEP with effortless ease and grace using the science of Feng Shui. ❤☯

☎ 949.274.0440


P.S. i added the emoji’s.

Jaime K.

Kim W.


Thank You Jaime Komer for this SURPRISE message and testimonial! 🙌
You gave me goosebumps. ❤️
It is a joy to work with you and hear the improvements AND partnerships you are creating since Feng Shui’ing your home.
Visit my website to hear entire testimonial!



Pam K

Sue U

Jane P



Thank you Natalie for thinking of me and realizing the effects of energy.


Stayed in a cabin in Big Bear this weekend and could not sleep. Spent the night tossing and turning and felt uncomfortable the entire night. I finally noticed the large beam directly over me and I thought of Dawn and Feng Shui and had to text her. Definitely not a Feng Shui friendly beam.



Thank you Hillary for the GREAT review!


Friends, I feel beyond blessed during this time… while things aren’t perfect I feel very fortunate to be in good health and still able to work!

And I think that has a lot to do with Dawn Sumerford of Feng Shui by Dawn. Last year she feng shui my entire home and this year came in and adjusted for the year of the metal rat (which predicted disease and conflict) so here I am, grateful for her craft and right now she is doing tele calls to help you too!

Let her help you feng shui your home office. One hour includes making sure you are facing a power direction to optimize your time.


Thank you Kim for the great Review!!!


I had Dawn Sumerford Feng Shui my office a few months ago. She is amazing. I have felt more positive energy, and more intune with my clients. If you are interested contact her for more information. Feng Shui by Dawn



Thank you Juliet for the GREAT review!!!!  so happy to hear the house sold after Feng Shui!!


“I am a Realtor and need consultation to sell my home to move up. I met Dawn at Suzee Miller Feng Shui Master, taking the self study Feng Shui Certification course. She did her assessment from the front yard to the inside of the house. Dawn was easy to talk with, and a thorough person. I put my house in the market on November 3, 2020, got a lot of traffic but no offers yet. Dawn started her consultation on November 20 and I finished all the remedies she suggested at the end of the month. On December 28, I got an offer. I got the results I wanted after the remedies were in place. Things just clicked after I did what we talked about, and the house sold to a lovely couple!” — inRedondo Beach, California.

Juliet C

“I am a Realtor and needed to sell my home to move up. I met Dawn … while taking the self-study Feng Shui Certification Course. She did her assessment from the front yard to the inside of the house. Dawn was easy to talk with, and a thorough person. I put my house on the market on November 3, 2020 and got a lot of traffic but no offers. Dawn started her consultation on November 20 and I finished all the remedies she suggested at the end of the month. On December 28, I got an offer. I got the results I wanted after the remedies were in place. Things just clicked after I did what we talked about, and the house sold to a lovely couple!”









Julia D.

Julia D.

“Dawn’s Feng Shui consultation was aimed at helping us attract buyers to our new listing. Dawn was very thorough in assessing the property and giving advice on its enhancement according to the Feng Shui science. It took us a few days to make the house “Feng Shui compliant”. The results came in immediately!

Not only did Dawn’s session help us attract new buyers to our listing, it facilitated new buyers in general. My business is blooming thanks to Dawn!” Julia Dart, Real Estate Agent. 

Laurie V.

Ylan V.

Jackie B.

Dawn is engaging and full of energy. She has the ability to hone in your deepest desires to direct energy to harmonize your world. Little things that you may consider inconsequential, become consequential just by the position or direction in which they face in your home, on your desk, on your balcony and patio. The direction in which you lay in bed or sit at your desk will move you from a position of weakness, to one of power! These are all things that Dawn will guide you through in her most pleasant and calming way. We are forever grateful to Dawn who will remain present in our future endeavors. Thank you Dawn!

Hillary M.

If you are looking to “LEVEL UP” your life, Dawn is the one to go to!! I originally asked her to come Feng Shui my home because I was struggling… struggling with depression, business and relationship problems and just overall not as happy as I wanted to be. Of course that took more changes personally as well, but I truly believe what she did when she came to my home: redirecting my bed and desk, including all the elements in each room, space clearing and so much more, really helped propel me forward. So when the new year rolled around I had Dawn back to re-access everything and I am happy to say I have been thriving thru this pandemic with work, personal life, and love and I owe much of that to Dawn’s amazing knowledge and talent. I firmly believe in what Dawn does and she does it with such a kind heart and gentle manner she makes it easy and fun! Thank you!

Christine D.

Our experience with Dawn exceeded all our expectations. She came into our new home and created such positivity for our family and new business. She involved our young children in the process. The positive energy flowing since her guidance is monumental. We have made some dear friends and our business is taking off with many new clients even with all the challenges of the Covid climate. We feel the security and peace we feel after such a big move thanks to Dawn. I simply had to share this experience. We are forever grateful and highly recommend to all.

Kim K.

I hired Dawn to Feng Shui my office a few weeks ago. I feel energized!! I am a health and life coach and it has brought even more openness and spaciousness with my clients. She is so fun to work with and brings so much positive energy to the consultation and appointments.

Bruce N.

My firm NelsonCompanies commissioned FengShuiByDawn five years ago and have had her back yearly for the annual Feng Shui updates. We discovered from her teachings and expertise if we were to make the simple changes she suggested to properly harness the energy that’s around us everyday our business, our personal lives and the lives we touch would be enhanced for the better, and sometimes incredibly enhanced. Since using FengShuibyDawn five years ago our business has flourished and our staff’s existence have benefited because of the positive chi she’s helped us create at our offices and all of our project sites. Dawn does more than perform a reading then walk away, she’s helped us make all the changes, rearrange offices, order the necessary carpets, and furniture. Additionally, before we rent or buy any property Dawn helps us determine if a new office space is good for our firm. She’s always engaged with us and has a deep caring and passion for what she does. Thank you very much for all of your support and your caring about our wellbeing. See you next year Dawn!

Andrew T.

Luciana F.

Francine F

Good morning,
Just an update
Found beautiful purple sheets at Macy’s but they were $$ .
So, I found Hotel collection creamy gold sheets on an amazing pre-sale and bought them.  When I went to pick them up the purple sheets were on an amazing sale, plus I had bonus money so I almost got them for free.
So now my bedding will enhance the gold and purple and it’s so beautiful. I feel calm with the purple sheets.
Plus, I notice a sale here, an extra discount there. Got a raise at work.
I’m seeing all the big and little savings here and there, and am grateful.
My health is improving
May the trend continue.
Eric and his girlfriend had a shared 30th birthday party.
First time seeing Mark in 4 years.
We got along like old friends, laughed, shared and enjoyed being together the 4 of us as a family with photos etc.
It really was wonderful and a blessing to my kids.

I just booked 3 weeks in Hawaii on a few islands, plus 3 weeks in Washington DC and Boston, and other adventures.

I feel the changed, the calm, and joy of my life. I know a storm will brew, but for now it’s all really good.



Thank you for the incredible feng shui analysis today. I was amazed with the breadth and depth of the information you provided. It is so fascinating to experience the overlay of feng shui schools and approaches when viewing my humble property.

I plan to carry out the remedies as quickly as possible, beginning with the boulder/colored pot placement in the rear, and devising a property demarcation about 50′ behind the rear cottage. Then on to the next items!

I am looking forward to new energy and positive change in my life using this amazing information.

Again…thank you so much for your help!


Tom T.

“This was my first Feng Shui consultation. I was a bit worried about picking the right person.  It was down to two consultants, both great in their own respects. I chose Dawn because of her cheerful demeanor, patience, and experience. She’s been certified through Feng Shui Paradigms and American College of Classical Feng Shui. As a result, she is trained in Eastern and Western Feng Shui and has been practicing since 2006. This was based on our phone conversations.

The day came and I finally met her in person. She immediately put me at ease through her demeanor.  My partner, who was initially hesitate about her, opened up to her as well.  I think that speaks volumes to how personable she is.  We felt immediately comfortable with Dawn. Her communication and consult was extremely easy to follow, despite the overload of information. She even advised us to record the session, which made it extremely easy to review information.  Dawn’s analysis of the home found it to be a home with great energy. She identified our type of home, graded the quality of the landscape and house, identified power positions, and resolved the unseen energy that may negatively impact a home. She advised on remedying the house with certain elements.  We have already experienced the effects. They range from our house renovation going smoothly to obtaining a recent summer job with generous pay.

All in all, we are very happy with Dawn’s services.  She goes above and beyond in answering our questions and needs. I ask a lot of questions and Dawn never hesitates to answer. Because we had such a positive experience, we will see Dawn annually as needed.”

Jaime Komer

I’m extremely grateful for Dawn. With her Feng Shui guidance, I was able to get the most restful sleep I’ve experienced in a very long time. I even feel a new sense of peace and calm in our bedroom. And I experienced all this simply by changing the direction of my bed. Wow! Thank you, Dawn!

Anna Marano

I told Dawn about my long journey to find a good man, and she shared Feng Shui insights to help.

I had 3 pillows on my couch and she indicated that implies a relationship with 3, not a couple. So I added a pillow. I had the same issue with pillows on my bed. She noticed a large picture of a single woman above my bed and Dawn mentioned it was expressing my love for being single, so I added a pic of a man in the room. Within 2 weeks, I had an amazing man in my life. Thank you, Dawn, for turning my world around.

Francine Freedman

I met Dawn many years ago before she began studying the art of Feng Shui. I always have appreciated her character and moral convictions along with her honest kindness and ease.

I always knew when I got a home of my own I would have her Feng Shui it for me.  Well, the day finally came and my first call was to Dawn. We arranged that she would Feng Shui the house before I moved in so I knew what room would best be suited for my master bed room, my guest room and my gym. 

Before she arrived we had some detailed conversations about the lay out of the house etc. When she arrived with workmen pounding away she spent about an hour in the front and back yard doing whatever it is she does, after she spent about the same amount of time inside and then we chatted about what I needed to put in place in my front and back yard and inside my home.  She was very detailed with great ideas and even the best way to face my bed and the gym equipment.  I was beyond pleased with the whole process. 

We also wrote declarations for each section of the house.

I put everything into place but, really felt like really nothing had happened, actually it felt like a dark cloud was following me with one set back after another. 

We spoke again and went over all the placements I had made than made the changes that were my misunderstanding because Dawn was very clear. Anyhow, Dawns clarifications had me move items and change a few things around and POOF that dark cloud turned into sunshine, I feel calm, relaxed, supported and embraced in my home and in my life.

When we made the declarations I wrote a specific amount I needed from a bonus tax free for the year.  Guess what? After taxes I will have that amount it seems to the penny.  Wow,  with just a few changes and putting Dawns great advice into place my life is calm, my sleep amazing, friends – old and new- are coming out of the wood works and my calendar is booked with fun adventures and, I can support all these adventures with ease financially. 

Thank you Dawn. Thank you beyond. You are well studied and beautiful inside and out. 

If I ever move, I’ll be calling.


Marsha G.

Working with Dawn is absolutely a pleasure. She is so knowledgeable and kind. She spent the time needed to fully analyze the space and the building. With a few simple changes, the blessings we realized were amazing. My husband was contacted by a colleague that he had not heard from in over six years and wanted to renew their friendship and professional relationship. I connected with the most incredible power partner, who together has done wonders for my business. I was truly amazed!! She really serves her clients and she continues to enjoy the journey of success with you. We were in great hands when we chose Dawn as our partner. So glad we put our trust and office in her hands.

Renee C.

Joan A.

Missy B.


Hello Dawn: 95% of the remedies have been put into place since we met about 2 months ago, and we are beginning to see our intentions “flower”, if you will.

Relationships: Quality relationships have increased; we’ve been entertaining quite a lot and are having a lot of fun with that.

Travel & Family: We have a driving trip planned with my parents, will be seeing all of my siblings and cousins in about 3 weeks — we are very excited to see everyone.

Wealth: The big news is that I got a job transfer which I am super excited about (no change in income, but a much better job placement for me).

Health: I have certainly improved health-wise post pneumonia when you saw us. My husband had a back surgery scheduled for early June that has been cancelled because he has been improving.

So, all the intentions we seeded two/three months ago are indeed beginning to take hold – thank you for your help!

Daphne & Stephanie

We are so glad we took the chance on Feng Shui by Dawn. We were told that we had a peach blossom home and that it was perfect for us and for our friends and family, and this has been so true. We are so happy here! Since our visit with Dawn we have implemented many of the suggestions and have already seen and felt such great results. Our intentions for our new home were health, friends and visitors, and communication. Since we moved in, we both have joined a gym and gotten back on track with our health and I have not caught a cold yet! We put bunnies and colorful decorations out in the front yard to bring guests and have hosted 3 parties in the 4 months we have been here with great success. We have already been invited to a party in the neighborhood! We decorated the heart of our home with the color blue and even a painting with a heart on it, every single person who walks in to our home LOVES this spot and comments on it. Dawn said because it was a peach blossom home people would love our home so much they wouldn’t want to leave and we have heard several people say that! We still have more suggestions to implement and we are SO looking forward to what our future holds in this house!

Missy B.

Never have I ever had such an inspirational and educational meeting at the same time. Thank you a million times over, Dawn Sumerford, for doing the full feng shui assessment on my house today. It was awe inspiring! I can’t wait to make some changes and live even more beautifully! Ladies … this stuff is life changing and so powerful. The amount of knowledge in that lady’s head is astounding. I am so excited!!! Get her to your house now … pronto! You won’t be disappointed. Thank you, Dawn!

Shireen D.

Lovely Dawn,

Thank you again for your help with the Feng Shui of my office this past year. Its been a pretty tumultuous year for all of us and looking back, I’m really thankful that I took the important step in surrounding myself with more positive people, activities and….ENERGY!! Thank you my dear for helping me de-clutter my life. You don’t really realize the toll all the excess baggage you carry (physically, spiritually, etc.) takes on you until its actually been removed. Since having my office Feng Shui’ed I find that I’m calmer, more enthusiastic, and optimistic. I think by allowing all the positive chi to make its way through, I’m much better equipped to roll with the punches life has thrown at me this past year. We’re still growing, which is tough in today’s economy… but hey, slow and steady wins the race! 🙂 On a personal note, I think I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been, I laugh more when stuff happens and I’m much more open to letting good things and people into my life. You played an instrumental role in this transformation and I thank you again… Have a Fabulous New Year and see you soon xoxo 🙂

Tracy M.

My experience in Feng Shui with Dawn…

We had our land and house Feng Shui’d 2 months ago by Dawn. I have never had a feng shui reading. We bought our house in foreclosure 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I call it my ‘Treehouse’ because the family room/kitchen/living room/dining/office and powder bath are upstairs and the bedrooms are downstairs. So we’re living on the second floor in the trees. We have a 800 square foot deck outside the kitchen where you sit among the trees. Why do I describe the details of my home… well, when Dawn presented our feng shui reading:

#1 – both my husband and I are the elements ‘hard wood’… hence trees. No wonder I like my ‘treehouse’

#2 – we bought a house that faces our power direction…

#3 – our master bedroom is in the love/relationship Qua

We bought the house because we liked it… now we have more information to understand why we like it.

In our reading, we have learned the importance of taking care of the land. Early this year, (prior to our reading) my husband, daughter and I have been diagnosed with medical ailments (all different issues / all significant). In reviewing the Health Qua on our land, it was full of weeds, overgrown plants, dead vines, etc. It was our first priority in implementing Dawn’s recommended Feng Shui remedies. I’m confident our health issues are improving and will continue to do so. We will continue to make a conscious choice to improve our health qua outside and inside. All 3 of us spent a day cleaning up the land.

Protection – Dawn made us aware that beams over our bed can cause issues for the person sleeping under the beams. So my husband and I switched sides because he’s physically stronger and can handle that energy better than I. Part of our marriage is about “protection” and since Feng Shui with Dawn, my husband is demonstrating “protection” much more and it makes me feel special and happy.” Here’s an example, When we went on vacation early July, our rental house had the beams over the bed. We walked into the room, and instantly my husband wanted to protect me, and suggested I sleep on the side without the beam.

Prosperity – at the end of our session with Dawn, we wrote our intentions for each Qua. I don’t know what my husband wrote for his wealth and prosperity intentions, but he just finished his 1st quarter in the fiscal year at work, and exceeded his quota. (He typically doesn’t make quota in the 1st qtr because he brings in all the purchase orders for the prior fiscal year’s 4th qtr). He had the best first qtr in his business EVER. Last Friday was 1st qtr’s closing day, and it was the second best quarter EVER with his company in five years. Pretty good, huh? I can’t prove that it’s from his feng shui intentions, but it sure has been on my mind.

We are still in the process of implementing Dawns Feng Shui remedies, I just wanted to share with Dawn what we’ve experienced thus far. For me, Feng Shui has made me more aware of my surroundings – land and house, and how they affect my family’s energy, welfare and balance. I’m really excited to open our Intention Envelopes next year (June 2012) to see what intentions have come true.

Best regards,

Nicole A. V.

Hi Dawn,

This is going to be a little jumbled cause Ayla is crawling all over me, but here it goes:

I love feng shui! Every day since our consultation has been better than the last. Our lives are pretty amazing as it was but now life just keeps getting better. Since the last update, we have planted colorful plants in the wealth quadrant (purple and yellow grew naturally, which is even better). Amazingly, I have been SUPER busy with work (it literally keeps coming and I’m swamped but its better than no work at all!) Also getting a pretty good tax return. I also planted a ton of pinks and bright purples in the marriage and partnership quad and Regi and I are doing great together, despite our being super busy. In our bedroom (marriage) I used more fire and painted some “pair” paintings for one wall. Also moved the laundry. Family room – more water = a great place to sit and feel relaxed and to hang out with friends. LOVING this room now as its been my decorating project. Got the BIG black pots for the front porch. As I said last time, we have made so many new BFF’s in the last couple months. LOVE our new friends and Ayla is super popular! I’m still working on Ayla’s mural as it’s hard to find time to work on it (can’t do it when she’s sleeping). Added fire in her room and always put her in the same NW position. Started sleeping through the night but has been sick for the past two weeks so isn’t sleeping very well unless she is sleeping with us (which puts her in her BEST sleep position) and she sleeps in until about 8:00 in the morning – amazing since her normal wake time is about 5:00! On Friday I woke up and started cleaning and felt very overwhelmed and then I called a cleaning person instead to give our house a “deep clean” that I don’t have time for. Amazing how that has changed my life and made me so much more relaxed in the last few days.

dawn – this is so crazy – I believed in it before but now I REALLY believe it and keep working on the balance in our home every day, even when I’m doing daily chores and putting things away. Thank you soo much 🙂

Ayla’s room – we face her NW every nap and at night. She now sleeps through the night consistently after 8 months of no sleeping! Ayla sleeps, which is amazing! In the past month we have made 5 new best friends & babies that we see almost every day. Ayla loves playing with her friends.

Everything is going so well and I have been so happy which makes happy baby and happy dad! We have lots of social events planned almost every day. I have been getting some business (a little more than usual).

Thank you so much for this gift! I think about it all the time when I pick things out and I am more conscious of the elements and how they affect each aspect of our lives. I think it will take a while to get all of the quadrants how they should be, but it is a process I am looking forward to!

Karen C. – Marketing Director

Dearest Dawn,

Just wanted to say, “thank you” for offering to feng shui our house. It’s already made a big difference. Phil and I are not even half done with what you’ve recommended but we’re slowly making progress. We’ve decluttered our living space, threw away dying plants, and are now applying the recommended colors to create the ying and yang in our lives.

So – some great news – a week or so after you came over and after we applied some of your feng shui techniques – my boss called me in and gave me a 10% raise! Can you believe it? A 10% raise in this economy. I was very surprised and excited. Whoo-hoo! Also, they told me to drop the Executive Assistant title – so now my full title is “Marketing Director”.

Thanks again for all you’ve done. I know there will be more good news to come.

Much love,

Lynette C.

It’s been about a month since my house was Feng Shui’d by Dawn. I’d like to start by saying that Dawn herself, has the most amazing and positive energy and it touched my home and my heart. I moved into my new condo from which I also work from four months ago. Although, I felt very comfortable in my home office, I was lacking the success I had in my previous home. Dawn helped me make several changes in my home including adding colors, moving furniture, adding décor and elements to each room. I immediately made all the changes as I work from home and my main goal was to enhance my career. Right away, things were improving in all aspects of my life – Work was improving and more money was coming in than going out; my relationship with my boyfriend has strengthened; sleeping better; and I felt a growing bond between a group of girlfriends that were considered just casual friends. Making the new changes has been easy with Dawn’s motivation and compassion to see positive changes in my life. I will do another update in two months. I already anticipate continued improvements in my life and career.

Posted on Facebook by Tracy G. C.

Dawn; feng shui, God or both, don’t know but I was presented unexpectedly with a name and number of someone looking for a French tutor…getting extra money now for the summer! 🙂


Patricia G.

Andrew L.

A few months ago Dawn did a Feng Shui study of my office and home. The first change I made was to rearrange my office the way she suggested. My concentration and productivity immediately improved. Some issues I’d been struggling with at work were quickly resolved and I moved past them easily. Not long thereafter I got a large bonus and promotion! I then rearranged my apartment according to her guidance. With my bed facing the proper direction I fall asleep and wake up easier and sleep deeper than I have in years. I added a headboard per her suggestion (solid wood, of course!) and that helped improve my sleep further. I set up a home office with her help and am finally able to actually sit and concentrate and get some work done at home—something I haven’t been successful at before. Dawn’s expertise has enabled me to make my home a more relaxing, inviting place which has helped my personal life as well. In general, life overall has been steadily improving since Dawn Feng Shui’d the spaces in which I work and live. Thank you Dawn for all of your wisdom, positivity and kindness.

Cyndi Russell – Xcel Sport & Fitness

Dawn Sumerford feng shuied our home after we moved late last year and it was incredible! She is so thorough, professional and positive. A real pleasure to work with. She took my kids into account and worked their “numbers” to find their power positions, as well as mine. With small tweeks, our home felt amazing. I know it sound funny, but the energy of our home is so fantastic now. It just feels GOOD to be here and I love that. She gave us tips and pointers about how to meet our goals and increase our abundance based on what we wanted to achieve: relationally as well as financially. And since then, things have happened fast. And easily. In fact, it’s really incredible how quickly and easily everything has changed. My business has transformed, become more consistent, enjoyable and EASY.


Thank you, Dawn for all of your generosity, inspiration, help and most of all…for you hard work. You rock, sister!


Garland and I had our session with Dawn tonight and she was spot on. You are a very good teacher and mentor and we are very blessed to have met her.

She reminded me of you and her thoroughness and her attentiveness to detail. You did well and so does she!

On that note, I was curious about your certification program before and now I am very curious. I’m starting a brand new job on Monday but I think this is something I want to do in my free time please tell me what is entailed.

Blessings and love, Tricia


It was with great anticipation that we had Dawn come and bring her Feng Shui skills to our home. She was professional, thorough and so engaged in the process that her own energy made the consultation even more impactful.


I was neither a ‘believer’ nor a ‘non-believer’ of Feng Shui- so I went at this with an open mind.


The Feng Shui advice that Dawn provided to us was very compelling. First she told us things about our home and how it was situated. Her explanations really matched how we had always felt about living in our current home. Without realizing it, she also helped me to understand how every other home we had lived in had not had the key coordinates that benefited us as much as this home did. That was a real eye opener.


There is much that she told us about different parts of our home. And I must say – she has nailed it. The details are personal, of course.


Dawn is amazing and she has the Feng Shui process well in hand!

John Perasco

I am so grateful for the chance to have Dawn come to both my office and home to perform a feng shui assessment in both areas of my life. I asked Dawn for help at a low point in my career earlier this year. For a little background, through significant changes at work, I now had a new boss. We were not seeing eye to eye on some key things and I was feeling personally devalued. The worst part is that I was beginning to believe the negative voices in my head.

Dawn first came to my office. We realized much of my setup was already in alignment, but there were some key changes I could make to the way I oriented and used the space, including my relationship to the overall building structure and its orientation.

Later, Dawn came to my home to point out again what I had going for me that was right and what I could adjust, re-orient and alter to maximize harmony in my home, relationship and career.

Dawn made the process easy and the “to do list” well-defined and ensured I understood why she made the recommendations. The most important thing was that she came into my very personal spaces like a loving, knowledgable and well-intentioned friend more than a expert performing a clinical analysis. Her follow up was very personal and helpful to me as well.

I’m very pleased to say that since my work with Dawn I gained the insight to see the value I have in my career and that has bolstered my personal self-worth as well. I’ve resigned from what had become an unhealthy work environment and prepared for a “reset and refresh” pause in my career. But wouldn’t you know that on my LAST DAY at work I was offered an amazing position at new company that makes my heart sing and energizes me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time? I strongly believe that her personal care and positive energy helped me find my own positive energy again and refocus it constructively so I would be ready, able and willing to see what was right in front of me the whole time. I am very grateful.

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