Tracy M.

My experience in Feng Shui with Dawn…

We had our land and house Feng Shui’d 2 months ago by Dawn. I have never had a feng shui reading. We bought our house in foreclosure 2 years ago and absolutely love it. I call it my ‘Treehouse’ because the family room/kitchen/living room/dining/office and powder bath are upstairs and the bedrooms are downstairs. So we’re living on the second floor in the trees. We have a 800 square foot deck outside the kitchen where you sit among the trees. Why do I describe the details of my home… well, when Dawn presented our feng shui reading:

#1 – both my husband and I are the elements ‘hard wood’… hence trees. No wonder I like my ‘treehouse’

#2 – we bought a house that faces our power direction…

#3 – our master bedroom is in the love/relationship Qua

We bought the house because we liked it… now we have more information to understand why we like it.

In our reading, we have learned the importance of taking care of the land. Early this year, (prior to our reading) my husband, daughter and I have been diagnosed with medical ailments (all different issues / all significant). In reviewing the Health Qua on our land, it was full of weeds, overgrown plants, dead vines, etc. It was our first priority in implementing Dawn’s recommended Feng Shui remedies. I’m confident our health issues are improving and will continue to do so. We will continue to make a conscious choice to improve our health qua outside and inside. All 3 of us spent a day cleaning up the land.

Protection – Dawn made us aware that beams over our bed can cause issues for the person sleeping under the beams. So my husband and I switched sides because he’s physically stronger and can handle that energy better than I. Part of our marriage is about “protection” and since Feng Shui with Dawn, my husband is demonstrating “protection” much more and it makes me feel special and happy.” Here’s an example, When we went on vacation early July, our rental house had the beams over the bed. We walked into the room, and instantly my husband wanted to protect me, and suggested I sleep on the side without the beam.

Prosperity – at the end of our session with Dawn, we wrote our intentions for each Qua. I don’t know what my husband wrote for his wealth and prosperity intentions, but he just finished his 1st quarter in the fiscal year at work, and exceeded his quota. (He typically doesn’t make quota in the 1st qtr because he brings in all the purchase orders for the prior fiscal year’s 4th qtr). He had the best first qtr in his business EVER. Last Friday was 1st qtr’s closing day, and it was the second best quarter EVER with his company in five years. Pretty good, huh? I can’t prove that it’s from his feng shui intentions, but it sure has been on my mind.

We are still in the process of implementing Dawns Feng Shui remedies, I just wanted to share with Dawn what we’ve experienced thus far. For me, Feng Shui has made me more aware of my surroundings – land and house, and how they affect my family’s energy, welfare and balance. I’m really excited to open our Intention Envelopes next year (June 2012) to see what intentions have come true.

Best regards,

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