Tom T.

“This was my first Feng Shui consultation. I was a bit worried about picking the right person.  It was down to two consultants, both great in their own respects. I chose Dawn because of her cheerful demeanor, patience, and experience. She’s been certified through Feng Shui Paradigms and American College of Classical Feng Shui. As a result, she is trained in Eastern and Western Feng Shui and has been practicing since 2006. This was based on our phone conversations.

The day came and I finally met her in person. She immediately put me at ease through her demeanor.  My partner, who was initially hesitate about her, opened up to her as well.  I think that speaks volumes to how personable she is.  We felt immediately comfortable with Dawn. Her communication and consult was extremely easy to follow, despite the overload of information. She even advised us to record the session, which made it extremely easy to review information.  Dawn’s analysis of the home found it to be a home with great energy. She identified our type of home, graded the quality of the landscape and house, identified power positions, and resolved the unseen energy that may negatively impact a home. She advised on remedying the house with certain elements.  We have already experienced the effects. They range from our house renovation going smoothly to obtaining a recent summer job with generous pay.

All in all, we are very happy with Dawn’s services.  She goes above and beyond in answering our questions and needs. I ask a lot of questions and Dawn never hesitates to answer. Because we had such a positive experience, we will see Dawn annually as needed.”

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