Nicole A. V.

Hi Dawn,

This is going to be a little jumbled cause Ayla is crawling all over me, but here it goes:

I love feng shui! Every day since our consultation has been better than the last. Our lives are pretty amazing as it was but now life just keeps getting better. Since the last update, we have planted colorful plants in the wealth quadrant (purple and yellow grew naturally, which is even better). Amazingly, I have been SUPER busy with work (it literally keeps coming and I’m swamped but its better than no work at all!) Also getting a pretty good tax return. I also planted a ton of pinks and bright purples in the marriage and partnership quad and Regi and I are doing great together, despite our being super busy. In our bedroom (marriage) I used more fire and painted some “pair” paintings for one wall. Also moved the laundry. Family room – more water = a great place to sit and feel relaxed and to hang out with friends. LOVING this room now as its been my decorating project. Got the BIG black pots for the front porch. As I said last time, we have made so many new BFF’s in the last couple months. LOVE our new friends and Ayla is super popular! I’m still working on Ayla’s mural as it’s hard to find time to work on it (can’t do it when she’s sleeping). Added fire in her room and always put her in the same NW position. Started sleeping through the night but has been sick for the past two weeks so isn’t sleeping very well unless she is sleeping with us (which puts her in her BEST sleep position) and she sleeps in until about 8:00 in the morning – amazing since her normal wake time is about 5:00! On Friday I woke up and started cleaning and felt very overwhelmed and then I called a cleaning person instead to give our house a “deep clean” that I don’t have time for. Amazing how that has changed my life and made me so much more relaxed in the last few days.

dawn – this is so crazy – I believed in it before but now I REALLY believe it and keep working on the balance in our home every day, even when I’m doing daily chores and putting things away. Thank you soo much 🙂

Ayla’s room – we face her NW every nap and at night. She now sleeps through the night consistently after 8 months of no sleeping! Ayla sleeps, which is amazing! In the past month we have made 5 new best friends & babies that we see almost every day. Ayla loves playing with her friends.

Everything is going so well and I have been so happy which makes happy baby and happy dad! We have lots of social events planned almost every day. I have been getting some business (a little more than usual).

Thank you so much for this gift! I think about it all the time when I pick things out and I am more conscious of the elements and how they affect each aspect of our lives. I think it will take a while to get all of the quadrants how they should be, but it is a process I am looking forward to!

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