Lynette C.

It’s been about a month since my house was Feng Shui’d by Dawn. I’d like to start by saying that Dawn herself, has the most amazing and positive energy and it touched my home and my heart. I moved into my new condo from which I also work from four months ago. Although, I felt very comfortable in my home office, I was lacking the success I had in my previous home. Dawn helped me make several changes in my home including adding colors, moving furniture, adding décor and elements to each room. I immediately made all the changes as I work from home and my main goal was to enhance my career. Right away, things were improving in all aspects of my life – Work was improving and more money was coming in than going out; my relationship with my boyfriend has strengthened; sleeping better; and I felt a growing bond between a group of girlfriends that were considered just casual friends. Making the new changes has been easy with Dawn’s motivation and compassion to see positive changes in my life. I will do another update in two months. I already anticipate continued improvements in my life and career.

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