John Perasco

I am so grateful for the chance to have Dawn come to both my office and home to perform a feng shui assessment in both areas of my life. I asked Dawn for help at a low point in my career earlier this year. For a little background, through significant changes at work, I now had a new boss. We were not seeing eye to eye on some key things and I was feeling personally devalued. The worst part is that I was beginning to believe the negative voices in my head.

Dawn first came to my office. We realized much of my setup was already in alignment, but there were some key changes I could make to the way I oriented and used the space, including my relationship to the overall building structure and its orientation.

Later, Dawn came to my home to point out again what I had going for me that was right and what I could adjust, re-orient and alter to maximize harmony in my home, relationship and career.

Dawn made the process easy and the “to do list” well-defined and ensured I understood why she made the recommendations. The most important thing was that she came into my very personal spaces like a loving, knowledgable and well-intentioned friend more than a expert performing a clinical analysis. Her follow up was very personal and helpful to me as well.

I’m very pleased to say that since my work with Dawn I gained the insight to see the value I have in my career and that has bolstered my personal self-worth as well. I’ve resigned from what had become an unhealthy work environment and prepared for a “reset and refresh” pause in my career. But wouldn’t you know that on my LAST DAY at work I was offered an amazing position at new company that makes my heart sing and energizes me in a way I haven’t felt in a long time? I strongly believe that her personal care and positive energy helped me find my own positive energy again and refocus it constructively so I would be ready, able and willing to see what was right in front of me the whole time. I am very grateful.

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