Francine Freedman

I met Dawn many years ago before she began studying the art of Feng Shui. I always have appreciated her character and moral convictions along with her honest kindness and ease.

I always knew when I got a home of my own I would have her Feng Shui it for me.  Well, the day finally came and my first call was to Dawn. We arranged that she would Feng Shui the house before I moved in so I knew what room would best be suited for my master bed room, my guest room and my gym. 

Before she arrived we had some detailed conversations about the lay out of the house etc. When she arrived with workmen pounding away she spent about an hour in the front and back yard doing whatever it is she does, after she spent about the same amount of time inside and then we chatted about what I needed to put in place in my front and back yard and inside my home.  She was very detailed with great ideas and even the best way to face my bed and the gym equipment.  I was beyond pleased with the whole process. 

We also wrote declarations for each section of the house.

I put everything into place but, really felt like really nothing had happened, actually it felt like a dark cloud was following me with one set back after another. 

We spoke again and went over all the placements I had made than made the changes that were my misunderstanding because Dawn was very clear. Anyhow, Dawns clarifications had me move items and change a few things around and POOF that dark cloud turned into sunshine, I feel calm, relaxed, supported and embraced in my home and in my life.

When we made the declarations I wrote a specific amount I needed from a bonus tax free for the year.  Guess what? After taxes I will have that amount it seems to the penny.  Wow,  with just a few changes and putting Dawns great advice into place my life is calm, my sleep amazing, friends – old and new- are coming out of the wood works and my calendar is booked with fun adventures and, I can support all these adventures with ease financially. 

Thank you Dawn. Thank you beyond. You are well studied and beautiful inside and out. 

If I ever move, I’ll be calling.


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