Daphne & Stephanie

We are so glad we took the chance on Feng Shui by Dawn. We were told that we had a peach blossom home and that it was perfect for us and for our friends and family, and this has been so true. We are so happy here! Since our visit with Dawn we have implemented many of the suggestions and have already seen and felt such great results. Our intentions for our new home were health, friends and visitors, and communication. Since we moved in, we both have joined a gym and gotten back on track with our health and I have not caught a cold yet! We put bunnies and colorful decorations out in the front yard to bring guests and have hosted 3 parties in the 4 months we have been here with great success. We have already been invited to a party in the neighborhood! We decorated the heart of our home with the color blue and even a painting with a heart on it, every single person who walks in to our home LOVES this spot and comments on it. Dawn said because it was a peach blossom home people would love our home so much they wouldn’t want to leave and we have heard several people say that! We still have more suggestions to implement and we are SO looking forward to what our future holds in this house!

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