Cyndi Russell – Xcel Sport & Fitness

Dawn Sumerford feng shuied our home after we moved late last year and it was incredible! She is so thorough, professional and positive. A real pleasure to work with. She took my kids into account and worked their “numbers” to find their power positions, as well as mine. With small tweeks, our home felt amazing. I know it sound funny, but the energy of our home is so fantastic now. It just feels GOOD to be here and I love that. She gave us tips and pointers about how to meet our goals and increase our abundance based on what we wanted to achieve: relationally as well as financially. And since then, things have happened fast. And easily. In fact, it’s really incredible how quickly and easily everything has changed. My business has transformed, become more consistent, enjoyable and EASY.


Thank you, Dawn for all of your generosity, inspiration, help and most of all…for you hard work. You rock, sister!

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