Bruce N.

My firm NelsonCompanies commissioned FengShuiByDawn five years ago and have had her back yearly for the annual Feng Shui updates. We discovered from her teachings and expertise if we were to make the simple changes she suggested to properly harness the energy that’s around us everyday our business, our personal lives and the lives we touch would be enhanced for the better, and sometimes incredibly enhanced. Since using FengShuibyDawn five years ago our business has flourished and our staff’s existence have benefited because of the positive chi she’s helped us create at our offices and all of our project sites. Dawn does more than perform a reading then walk away, she’s helped us make all the changes, rearrange offices, order the necessary carpets, and furniture. Additionally, before we rent or buy any property Dawn helps us determine if a new office space is good for our firm. She’s always engaged with us and has a deep caring and passion for what she does. Thank you very much for all of your support and your caring about our wellbeing. See you next year Dawn!
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