“Oh Dawn, I’m so in hopes you can figure out what is keeping me from sleeping well. It is difficult to even get 3 hrs of sleep 😴 most nights in a row.”

Brenda lives in Colorado. We consulted over the phone.


“What an amazing experience I had with Dawn this week…

A few of you know I live on 3-4 hours of sleep a night. So, my beautiful daughter and Dawn decided they would surprise me with Dawn doing her magic 🎩 called Feng Shui, in my bedroom.

First of all, I was happy to hear the mountains nourish me and are perfect for me.

I learned I’m not sleeping because of all the wood.

But Dawn I live in the mountains… 🏔 WOOD!!!

Well, I’m surrounded by wood even in my bedroom. So, she went about talking and deciding what I was to do about it… ADD color of fire she says.. 🔥

So far, I’ve added pillows and put a red blanket of on the bed.

Then came the need to reduce the metal in the room. Oh, did I mention that CJ has a couple of rifles ⚙and ammo under our bed. Guess that’s a NO NO.. Moved that…

The good news is our bedroom is in the best part of the house for both of us.

And, CJ and I share the same power directions. Another bit of good news.

You will have to get with Dawn for her to help you with your power directions, we’re all different…

Here’s the BEST news, with only a few tweaks already…

First night I got 7 hours of sleep.

Second night I got 5 hours of sleep

Last night I got 6 hours of sleep.

Can’t wait to go to bed tonight

Thank you to Dawn and Missy for a wonderful birthday,

Love you.”

On 10/11/21 the text update from Brenda is “Good morning, 7.5 hrs sleep last night….I’m liking the touches of red in our bedroom…”

It is REWARDING to help people like Brenda SLEEP with effortless ease and grace using the science of Feng Shui. ❤☯

☎ 949.274.0440

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