Dear Dawn,

This is a thank you that comes five years AFTER the first Feng shui consult you did for me. That first consult was my office here in Newport. The result looking back? I spent amazing and successful five years in that location.

So for the last chapter in that office of the past 5 years,  I say a massive thank you!

And now in 2023 my work location has changed and I am now setting up a new loft office.

In my gratitude for having such a prosperous and blessed last five years, I realized that your Feng shui consult was an important part of that journey. I loved the intentionality and thought of what I put in my office, where I put it and how it brought a level of awareness of all the things that must be in balance for success.

And in that realization it ‘dawned on me’ (pun intended!) , that I wanted to kick off my new working space with the same Feng shui journey!

Another call to you was my next move…and…Working together this second time was as fun as the first time!

Thank you for helping me to set up my new office.  It is always such a blessing to have not just your in-depth Feng shui knowledge, but also your massively positive and kind energy that unlocks the joy and the connection to everything.

I hope others have the very good fortune to find you.  And to have them experience your conscientious and caring application of how we tap into all the possibilities that exist.

Already my new office is beautiful and comfortable. I’d add that a hidden benefit of Feng shui for me is that it helps me to decorate because now I know ‘what needs to go where’ rather than just guessing. I can get down to business.  So really Feng shui helps me in ways even beyond the energy and space lay out.

Thank you. And I feel so blessed to have a human like you in my life.


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