Andrew L.

A few months ago Dawn did a Feng Shui study of my office and home. The first change I made was to rearrange my office the way she suggested. My concentration and productivity immediately improved. Some issues I’d been struggling with at work were quickly resolved and I moved past them easily. Not long thereafter I got a large bonus and promotion! I then rearranged my apartment according to her guidance. With my bed facing the proper direction I fall asleep and wake up easier and sleep deeper than I have in years. I added a headboard per her suggestion (solid wood, of course!) and that helped improve my sleep further. I set up a home office with her help and am finally able to actually sit and concentrate and get some work done at home—something I haven’t been successful at before. Dawn’s expertise has enabled me to make my home a more relaxing, inviting place which has helped my personal life as well. In general, life overall has been steadily improving since Dawn Feng Shui’d the spaces in which I work and live. Thank you Dawn for all of your wisdom, positivity and kindness.

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