Francine F

Good morning,
Just an update
Found beautiful purple sheets at Macy’s but they were $$ .
So, I found Hotel collection creamy gold sheets on an amazing pre-sale and bought them.  When I went to pick them up the purple sheets were on an amazing sale, plus I had bonus money so I almost got them for free.
So now my bedding will enhance the gold and purple and it’s so beautiful. I feel calm with the purple sheets.
Plus, I notice a sale here, an extra discount there. Got a raise at work.
I’m seeing all the big and little savings here and there, and am grateful.
My health is improving
May the trend continue.
Eric and his girlfriend had a shared 30th birthday party.
First time seeing Mark in 4 years.
We got along like old friends, laughed, shared and enjoyed being together the 4 of us as a family with photos etc.
It really was wonderful and a blessing to my kids.

I just booked 3 weeks in Hawaii on a few islands, plus 3 weeks in Washington DC and Boston, and other adventures.

I feel the changed, the calm, and joy of my life. I know a storm will brew, but for now it’s all really good.


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