It was with great anticipation that we had Dawn come and bring her Feng Shui skills to our home. She was professional, thorough and so engaged in the process that her own energy made the consultation even more impactful.


I was neither a ‘believer’ nor a ‘non-believer’ of Feng Shui- so I went at this with an open mind.


The Feng Shui advice that Dawn provided to us was very compelling. First she told us things about our home and how it was situated. Her explanations really matched how we had always felt about living in our current home. Without realizing it, she also helped me to understand how every other home we had lived in had not had the key coordinates that benefited us as much as this home did. That was a real eye opener.


There is much that she told us about different parts of our home. And I must say – she has nailed it. The details are personal, of course.


Dawn is amazing and she has the Feng Shui process well in hand!

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