Hello Dawn: 95% of the remedies have been put into place since we met about 2 months ago, and we are beginning to see our intentions “flower”, if you will.

Relationships: Quality relationships have increased; we’ve been entertaining quite a lot and are having a lot of fun with that.

Travel & Family: We have a driving trip planned with my parents, will be seeing all of my siblings and cousins in about 3 weeks — we are very excited to see everyone.

Wealth: The big news is that I got a job transfer which I am super excited about (no change in income, but a much better job placement for me).

Health: I have certainly improved health-wise post pneumonia when you saw us. My husband had a back surgery scheduled for early June that has been cancelled because he has been improving.

So, all the intentions we seeded two/three months ago are indeed beginning to take hold – thank you for your help!

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