When you Feng Shui your home, it will influence more than just your personal life. I recently helped a client balance the energy of her new home, and within weeks, she had received an unexpected award for her business.

Are you ready to receive the benefits of a Feng Shui consultation?

Power Direction

The positive effects of facing your power direction can seriously change your life. A client couple of mine were having some issues. They wanted better sleep and to have blessings come easily to them. So how did we do this? In the bedroom, we changed the direction of the bed, added a headboard, and balanced the five elements to create a harmonious atmosphere conducive to better sleep. Also at their front door, which represents the mouth of chi for any household, we changed out their doormat from a beige to a red to ignite opportunity.

Since our initial consultation, their lives have been getting better and easier.

Meanings of Lucky Bamboo Numbers

rocks and bamboo

Bamboo is used as symbolism in Feng Shui so I wanted to share with you what one of the sites says about Bamboo.

Meanings of Lucky Bamboo Numbers. Use various numbers of bamboo to cause different types of effects. Here are a few popular groupings:

  •  1 Stalk – simplicity, meaningful life
  •  2 Stalks – best for luck in love and marriage
  •  3 Stalks – happiness (Most popular)
  •  4 Stalks – almost never given. (Four could draw negative energy, according to Chinese culture)
  •  5 Stalks – academic achievement, creativity
  •  7 Stalks – health
  •  8 Stalks – luck in wealth
  •  9 Stalks – good fortune and over all luck
  • 10 Stalks – completion or perfection
  • 21 Stalks – all-purpose blessing

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More on Bamboo from Suzee Miller, Feng Shui Paradigms

Is bamboo in and around the house a good or bad energy? We are both Metal, soft and hard metal respectively. Bamboo represents prosperity, longevity and good fortune, and makes a wonderful nature wall. It’s easy to enjoy the grace, peace, and beauty that Bamboo brings to our lives.

The WOOD element in a garden, ranging from plants, trees and flowers, cannot affect you in any negative way, in fact you can never over-improve the land.

HOWEVER, the opposite is true of the interior environment. Too much of the WOOD element can be “very” difficult on one’s health. It’s especially hard on Water, Metal and Earth element people.

Most homes and offices are over dominant in the ‘wood’ element due to wood cabinets, cupboards, desks, dressers, tables, headboards and other misc. furnishings. Therefore, it’s important to think twice before adding wood flooring.

If too much EARTH (ie: stone, granite, tile, counters and floors) dominates your environment, it’s important to remedy this situation right away, too!

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