As a Feng Shui consultant, I do so much more than come into your home, tell you your power directions for the various rooms, and give you a list of my recommendations. I recently finished up helping a client remodel their home, making sure that every aspect was perfectly aligned to provide optimal health, wealth, and success.

If you’re doing a remodel and want some extra help to ensure a good balance of energy, contact me today for your consultation.



When you Feng Shui your home, it will influence more than just your personal life. I recently helped a client balance the energy of her new home, and within weeks, she had received an unexpected award for her business.

Are you ready to receive the benefits of a Feng Shui consultation?

Sleeping Better

Did you know that simply turning your bed to align with your power direction can improve your quality of sleep? With Feng Shui, you can accomplish even the most minuscule things like sleeping better, but the impact that one change can make on your life will have a ripple effect. Is the ripple you have now making waves of harmony or discord in your life?


See how Feng Shui can help you and schedule your consultation today!


Reading a Property’s Unseen Energy

floor plan

Yay or Nay? One Feng Shui service I offer to my clients is analyzing a property using my compasses and formulas for a potential buy or lease. I read the unseen energy of the property, then I let my clients know if the property would be good for them. Yesterday I had the privilege to let my client know she has the “GREEN LIGHT = YAY” for this property purchase. They are in their 17-day escrow period. Turns out this property is Wang Shang Wang Shui which is a home of good fortune. ☯️ If you are looking to move, let me help you to make sure the property is good for you and your loved ones.

Do you live in a cul-de-sac?


If you are experiencing health or money issues and you live in any part of a cul-de-sac (as shown in the picture), there are Feng Shui solutions for the circumstances you face. Feng Shui is used to reduce health and money issues by optimizing your power directions and protecting the occupants of your home. Simple changes and easy Feng Shui remedies are available to help you live your optimal life. Feel free to contact me for a consultation.

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