Power Direction

The positive effects of facing your power direction can seriously change your life. A client couple of mine were having some issues. They wanted better sleep and to have blessings come easily to them. So how did we do this? In the bedroom, we changed the direction of the bed, added a headboard, and balanced the five elements to create a harmonious atmosphere conducive to better sleep. Also at their front door, which represents the mouth of chi for any household, we changed out their doormat from a beige to a red to ignite opportunity.

Since our initial consultation, their lives have been getting better and easier.

Sleeping Better

Did you know that simply turning your bed to align with your power direction can improve your quality of sleep? With Feng Shui, you can accomplish even the most minuscule things like sleeping better, but the impact that one change can make on your life will have a ripple effect. Is the ripple you have now making waves of harmony or discord in your life?


See how Feng Shui can help you and schedule your consultation today!


Meandering Lines


Meandering lines are 100% important for positive life force (Chi).  This is a sidewalk at The Ranch at Laguna Beach and is a great demonstration of Chi-positive life force.  We want energy to meander like a peaceful river.
If you have straight lines, that is sha.  There are ways to remedy straight lines, call me to find out how.

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