3 month update

It’s been almost three months since my client implemented my recommendations from our initial consultation. It took two weeks to make those changes, and a short six weeks after, this is the type of change that happened. Sometimes it takes 24 hours, sometimes it takes longer, but a shift WILL happen. For this client, it was important that he secure a well-paying job. Although I don’t know what he wrote for his “big” number while we went through his intentions during the consultation, the fact that he came close enough to it makes me so excited for him.

If you’re ready to see amazing change in your life, whether it’s to get the job of your dreams, to attract the life you’ve always wanted, now is the time to schedule your own consultation and shift your energy to make it work for you!

Power Direction

The positive effects of facing your power direction can seriously change your life. A client couple of mine were having some issues. They wanted better sleep and to have blessings come easily to them. So how did we do this? In the bedroom, we changed the direction of the bed, added a headboard, and balanced the five elements to create a harmonious atmosphere conducive to better sleep. Also at their front door, which represents the mouth of chi for any household, we changed out their doormat from a beige to a red to ignite opportunity.

Since our initial consultation, their lives have been getting better and easier.

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