Feng Shui consult

Does being stuck inside your house all day feel stifling? Want your home to feel more inviting and comforting? A Feng Shui consult may be just the thing you need.

I’m helping clients like Luciana find balance in their homes to help with the strain that quarantine has placed on families.

If you want to balance the energy of your home, create a sense of peace and calm, AND give your work space the boost it needs during this time, I can help.

Even during this time of social distancing, I still offer a FULL Feng Shui consultation over the phone and provide you with the best ways to help your house become a home.

Shift your energy

Even in the wake of everything that’s going on, you can still shift your energy to suit you!

Last week, I had the pleasure to feng shui for a lovely couple in Michigan. One area of focus was their outside patio. Did you know your land is most important in Feng Shui?

From their consultation, the couple chose the flowers together, while the husband arranged them by hand around the space.

“We are all enjoying them so very much, even little Flashie!”

Bringing joy to my clients is the best!

Yoga and Feng Shui

Yoga and Feng Shui are closely related.

“Yoga is a discipline to improve or develop one’s inherent power in a “balanced” manner. … The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is ‘Yoke’. Yoga can therefore be defined as a means of uniting the individual spirit with the universal spirit of God.Feb 26, 2016”

Yoga is to balance our body & mind.

Feng Shui is to balance our homes & offices.

Today i am Blessed to do 90min yoga with Suzee (my Feng Shui Mentor) and Kristin Olson – Instructress.

Love is in the air

“Love is in the air, and is also in the heart of every Feng Shui consultation.

Do you want to come home to a beautiful and comfortable space.

Do you want to have inner peace, better sleep, prosperity, good health, and more?

Love comes in many forms, and while it’s amazing to share Valentine’s Day with your significant other, it’s also important to feel embraced and secure by your environment, whether that’s your home or office.

When your spaces are in balance, so are you. And you’ll attract even more love and balance in turn!

This year, show love in a different way: give the gift of attention. Whether that’s a smile, a helping hand, a thoughtful card, or even a heartfelt thank you, find a way to say “I love you” in a new way.” Suzee Miller