Feng Shui is about Balance

An option of bringing the FIRE 🔥 element in to your space is using GOLD. Here are some photos of my client Lori R who wants improved energy. Lori is the earth element and had no FIRE in her living

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It’s Kismet

Hi “Dawn”. Grateful to help people with effortless ease and grace using the science of Feng Shui. ❤☯ 🖥 www.FengShuiByDawn.com ☎ 949.274.0440 #FengShui #LoShuFlyingStars #FengShuiByDawn #increasedpartnerships #love #fengshuiremedies #samename #kismet

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Reversed Structures Are Difficult

“Reversed” structures…☯ are difficult on people and money. 👎 There is remedies to fix this energy so the occupants can IMPROVE relationships and INCREASE money 💲 with less effort. It is REWARDING to help people with effortless ease and grace

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Supporting Our Local Firefighters

Feng Shui by Dawn recently supported our local Firefighters 🧯🚒👨‍🚒👩‍🚒 by attending the “fire service day open house” @fire station 7.Thank you Newport Beach First Responders for taking care of us. #thankyou #supportfirefighters

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Update Your Feng Shui for 2022

How are you? What to expect for 2022.?.?.I HIGHLY recommend you UPDATE your Feng Shuiwith me for 2022 in hopes to keep life running smoother or possibly BETTER.The clients who Feng Shui with me and implement the remedies and enhancements

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full moon

Do You Feel Different During a Full Moon?

Full moon info from “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui, Third Edition” by Elizabeth Moran, Master Joseph Yu , and Master Val Biktashev. If you feel different during a full moon, it’s not just your imagination! Cheers to you

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