Less stuff is More

Less stuff is More

LESS stuff IS MORE energy & abundance in Feng Shui.

My friend Sharon Armstrong Stewart

asked about me Feng Shui’ing her home office.

Luckily she got a EARLY jumpstart by decluttering FIRST.  Now Sharon is ahead of the game for a remarkable consultation.

Due to her decluttering efforts ahead of time her consultation will be even better!

Now when we consult her Feng Shui results will be more beneficial and extraordinary!



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Land is more important

Land is more important

Did you know your LAND is more important than the house?

Faded and worn out patio cushions pictured here in the partnership gua needed to be replaced and bam, better energy/life force. 

cheers to your BEST, balanced Feng Shui life!


Take care of the Land first

Take care of the Land first

In Feng Shui for optimal results you take care of the LAND first.

When my client Alicia and her husband cleaned up the friendly relations/helpful people section if their land “personal AND business relationships improved.”

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