Year of the White Metal Rat

Year of the White Metal Rat

“ARE YOU READY.. for Feng Shui 2020

The Year of the White METAL RAT ..? 

The RAT bring “many good things” to the table this year, but don’t�fool yourself – this YANG RAT wants more than just your cheese.

It’s time to prepare yourself for a year of unprecedented conflicts, arguments, disputes, misunderstandings, back

stabbings and power plays.

With the Feng Shui flying Star “7” entering every home and office this

year, you can expect an increase in break-ins and robberies too. Including automobile break-ins, and thefts as well.

Your HEALTH, INVESTMENTS, and the ECONOMY are at risk too.

Find out about this and more, and what YOU can do to prevent this

from happening.

I believe that YOU, that WE ALL HAVE CHOICE in what happens in

life. No matter what IS or ISN’T happening in the universe at large.

As long as we are aware, informed, and proactive, we can create PEACEFUL, PROSPEROUS, AND BEAUTIFUL

days, months, and years ahead.

HOWEVER, it requires we change and start viewing life and�living from a “new perspective.”


Power direction

Feng Shui is all about helping improve your life.

One way to do that is to help you work smarter, not harder, by aligning you with your power direction.

From the Eight Mansions school of Feng Shui, power directions can create the balance needed to improve a workspace.

During a recent consultation, this busy executive was not in line with his personal power direction, so we updated his office, turned his desk, and now he’s working smarter and with more ease.

Are you ready to accomplish more in the new year? SCHEDULE your Feng Shui consultation today!



The Year of the Metal Rat is here, and with it the LoShu Flying Star 7 will be making its way to the heart of every property.

What does that mean? The 7 star represents issues like fighting, theft, loss, poor health, and more.

Reduce the impact this star will have, and start the DECADE off with a balanced home / office and improved energy.

Schedule your Feng Shui consultation today!

Energy shifting

Energy is already shifting for 2020.

If you are new to the earth art & science of Feng Shui now is the PERFECT time for a consult because the remedies I give you will last thru 02/02/2021 – 14months!

My ☯️ consults involve so much MORE than furniture placement!

Call today to schedule.

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Update your Feng Shui


Now is the perfect time of year to update your Feng Shui! 

Bring in 2020 with balanced energy and leave behind the challenging and crazy energy of 2019.

Schedule your New Year Feng Shui Consultation or Update today! As an added bonus, first time customers will get $50 off.