Feng Shui is about Balance

Feng Shui is about Balance

An option of bringing the FIRE 🔥 element in to your space is using GOLD.

Here are some photos of my client Lori R who wants improved energy. Lori is the earth element and had no FIRE in her living space.

FIRE feeds / creates earth. In other words, fire would give Lori increased energy. ➕

Adding GOLD / fire in this situation helped improve Lori’s energy. ⭐

Here is a text I received from Lori, “Ever since we did this, we have noticed many positive changes! Our restaurant (income) booked so many holiday reservations more than I have ever seen before. “
Feng Shui can help YOU too!

Call me if you want improved energy and balance in your life.

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It’s Kismet

Hi “Dawn”.

Grateful to help people with effortless ease and grace using the science of Feng Shui. ❤☯

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