Will you declutter?

Due 10/30/2020

Will u DECLUTTER and clean out your:

clothes, linen or shoe closet?

Your efforts support TWO causes.

Your donation will raise money for @germam shepherd rescue of OC

AND clothe folks in a third world country.

I will even pick up your donations.

PictureD here is bags i picked up today from a dear friend.

EVERY bag counts


“Dawn’s Feng Shui consultation was aimed at helping us attract buyers to our new listing. Dawn was very thorough in assessing the property and giving advice on its enhancement according to the Feng Shui science. It took us a few days to make the house “Feng Shui compliant”. The results came in immediately!

Not only did Dawn’s session help us attract new buyers to our listing, it facilitated new buyers in general. My business is blooming thanks to Dawn!” Julia Dart, Real Estate Agent. 

Did you know that Feng Shui can actually attract more buyers to homes on the market?

I can help with the staging process to balance the elements of the home, which will draw in more potential buyers, which is not only beneficial for you as the agent, but for your clients as well!

If you’re a real estate agent and want to sell your homes faster, contact me today to learn how a Feng Shui consultation can help.


Have you ever thought about the ENERGY FLOW in your home or office? Have you ever felt something when you walked into a room that felt like peace or calm?

That’s the power of Feng Shui, and what my client Amber hired me to help her with.

She wanted to improve the flow in her home and office, as well as help her daughter relax and thrive in her own space.

Here’s what Amber had to say about the experience:

“Our home is feeling energy-good. Unrolling the rug last night and feeling the color pop was nice. The girls started playing a board game on it as soon as I had it all fixed.

We’re always consciously pursuing good for our home life, family, business—now it feels easier.

The ease of energy is where it should be. Not stagnant like it was before. The family room feels vivacious and not just a place to lay. Now we play and lay lol.

Cali’s room has helped her to thrive, do things, entertain, relax. The flow feels just good!

Office space has been our favorite. The projects I kept putting off are now complete.

Thank you We specifically asked you to help with energy flow and you have nailed it! I’m sure more great news to come but for now those are the evident things from actively Feng Shui per your expertise and patience

If you’re ready to create real change and bring good energy into your life, schedule your Feng Shui consultation with me today!


Waking up to kind words like these from past clients is the best!

I recently worked with the wonderful

Laurie to help Feng Shui her new home office space to make it work for her and have it feel more like her space.

You can read her full testimonial on my site, but here’s a teaser of what she thought of the experience:

“I even persuaded my husband to take several of HIS mementos from my space so it feels more like me! Take some time and connect with Dawn – you and your business will benefit.”

Schedule your Feng Shui consultation with me today!

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