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CHAPTERS 00:00 INTRO 00:20 Why is the front door important? This is where all the blessings come into your house. The front door is the mouth of CHI. 01:40 Do’s and Don’ts for your front door. . 02:00 OUTSIDE THE FRONT DOOR. Here is what NOT to do at the front door • NO OLD CRUSTY doormats. • DO not block the walkway with plants, pots, or other décor. • Do NOT have shoes outside the door. • Do not have spider webs or debris outside the door. • Wipe off the door handle. 02:36 NO DEAD PLANTS OR EMPTY PLANTERS 04:57 OUTSIDE DO’s: • Have a fresh, clean, happy, solid doormat … • Have fire colors and watercolors at your entrance to attract blessings and abundance. • Put shoes away in a closet or garage. • Clean up all spider webs and debris inside the entrance door. 05:30 INSIDE the front door DONT • DO NOT have shoes inside at the entrance of the door. • Do NOT have coats or backpacks at the entrance. 06:23 DO: INSIDE the front door. • Keep the space open and clear for CHI to flow like a meandering stream. • Keep it clean. • And if there is space or Feng Shui calls for it, have a nice entry carpet or doormat. • Chandeliers are positive feng shui in entryways also. 07:57 If you learned something new, LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to my page and share with your friends. 🌻 Follow me on Instagram: @fengshuibydawn

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