Sleep and Mental Health Tips 🛌🧠☯️

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00:00 INTRO 00:08 Four HABITS to help your #MentalHealth. 00:30 BETTER Sleep and mental health. Think about it, when you lack sleep, do you feel mentally grounded or balanced? 00:36 May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth. 00:44 FOUR ways to improve your sleep and mental health. 01:10 ZERO electronics in your room. 01:37 Clean, quality bed sheets. 01:562:18 HONOR your Feng Shui Power Directions …EIGHT MANSIONS Feng Shui. CHIQUIZ.COM. 02:04 Prince the cat hangin with me during the video. 03:08 Sleep and Mental Health go hand n hand. 04:04 It IS OK to ask for help. 05:20 Conclusion. 🌻 Follow me on Instagram: @fengshuibydawn #mayismentalhealthawarenessmonth #sleeptips #fungshuitips

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