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00:00 INTRO 00:08 Where does the time go? We are almost in QUARTER 2 of 2023 00:57 I throw away at least 1 item per day…. 01:16 It seems that for most days of the week over the last month, I’ve been doing some sort of “Spring Organization” and with organization comes cleaning. I have been washing rugs, vacuuming carpets using our SHARK vacuum AND our iRobot, cleaning cat boxes with Vinegar and I clean the inside of the fridge weekly aka get rid of any old food. 01:28 Vacuum often b/c we have two cats and one dog. 01:58 Clean my “cleaning products”. 02:27 @iRobot. 04:04 Green Recycle trash cans help me keep my fridge clean. 04:30 Refrigerator clean out. 04:43 Curtains… I wash or rebuy our curtains about every four or five years. I learned for the curtains we have, to have them “cleaned” is the same cost as buying new. Interesting Huh? So, why not get new? If the food smells are strong in the fabric of the curtains, I wash them. 06:12 Shower Heads…CLR… 06:30 CLR for shower heads. 06:38 Washing Machine… When you wash something – like a dog walking bag – and it starts to come apart IN the washing machine, is when our washing machine got clean…which happened this month. I took Clorox wipes to the inside of the washing machine and voila, extra clean. 07:04 Volunteer at the German Shepherd Rescue (GSROC.ORG). 07:45 “Self-clean” button on your washing machine..LOVE this feature on our machine. 07:58 Light fixtures and ceiling fans. Thankfully our house cleaners clean the light fixtures in the bathrooms. 08:06 Ceiling Fans 08:38 Pantry cleaning is 1x/month. Refrigerator is weekly.. 09:01 Stove Vent …just cleaned our stovetop vent last week with dawn soap, water and Clorox wipes. 09:38 What do YOU do for Spring Cleaning? 09:50 Summation of what gets done for SPRING ORGANZING AND CLEANING 10:15 What is the benefit of doing these things? It HELPS YOUR FENG SHUI and YOUR PERSONAL ENERGY to increase health, wealth and prosperity. 🌻 Follow me on Instagram: @fengshuibydawn #springcleaning #personalenergy #organization #fengshui

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