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00:00 INTRO 00:06 SPRING Cleaning agenda 00:33 Coffee and wine area 01:07 before we begin… 01:21 HAPPY Women’s History Month! An annual declared month that highlights the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society. 02:45 Let’s begin by taking everything out 04:08 what is in my cupboards? Water = for Feng Shui. 05:08 Putting everything back… what will stay? 07:23 One Cupboard D O N E. Everything stayed… 07:30 first drawer declutter 09:10 x3 Fitness equipment supplements. 09:26 Professional organizers from years ago, set us up for success by proving drawer “savers” aka organizing tools. 10:01 Invest in professional organizers if you have a hard time doing it yourself. Its worth every penny. 10:45 expired products go in the trash 11:04 time to put what we are keeping back in the drawer. 13:14 cupboard #2 of 2. What will be tossed from here??? 14:09 #NINJA 14:54 wine gift bags 16:06 clean before returning products 16:32 WHAT will be returned back to cupboard and what will be trashed? 18:40 the last drawer to organize and clean 20:20 wine openers and stoppers can go into one box for easy access and organization 20:40 “Drink champagne when you’re thirsty…” what rap song is that from? 22:14 two cabinets, two drawers, decluttered, organized and cleaned. 22:18 22 min SPRING CLEANING Project for a minimalist… 22:46 Pictures of the end product. TIPS: got rid of a few things I didn’t know I had or needed and cleaned out the areas at the same time. A successful spring cleaning project. 🌻 Follow me on Instagram: @fengshuibydawn
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