Spring Cleaning tour continues and today, we are coming live from my friend John & Jason’s home. They were gracious to let me do my video here today and use THEIR home as the example of managing a home and using the SPRING season to SHARE the stage of their GUEST SUITE. 00:00 INTRO 00:08 Spring Cleaning Tour and Welcome to John & Jasons guest suite. 00:40 Entering the Guest Suite. 00:52 Starting at the closet…WHAT needs to be cleaned/decluttered here? 01:39 Spring cleaning is a time to get rid of things you don’t wear or use any more like books. 01:54 Spacious Guest Closet. 02:06 WHAT WOULD YOU SPRING CLEAN IN THIS CLOSET? 02:24 Clear plastic boxes? #Costco #ContainerStore #HomeDepot 02:46 Colorful boxes bring energy. 03:08 NO SPRING CLEANING GUEST SUITE CLOSET. 03:45 Dressers, sitting area IN the guest suite. 04:46 Is there any SPRING cleaning to do in this room? 05:30 Warn and welcome, clean guest suite. 05:50 Does YOUR GUEST SUITE resemble this? THIS is a GUEST SUITE to aspire to. 06:08 YOU inherit the energy of ALL the spaces in your home. 06:30 THANK YOU JOHN AND JASON! 🌻 Follow me on Instagram: @fengshuibydawn

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