Decluttering your linen closet under 15min.

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00:00 INTRO 00:06 Time to begin your spring cleaning. 00:33 Linen closets before and after. 00:50 Empty space in my linen closets. 01:23 Reroll towel and explain the order. 02:10 Hand towels-only two because the other two are hanging in the guest baths. 02:22 Washcloths. 03:45 Lower shelf removal of everything. Water = for FENG SHUI. 04:35 Deciding what to keep and what to donate. 06:00 Shoe cleaning supplies should be with the shoes… 07:14 Clean the shelves with Clorox wipes. 07:56 Putting items back into linen closet… 11:01 Finished. It only took 11min. 11:24 Recap of what goes and what stays. 11:46 Pix of finished product. 🌻 Follow me on Instagram: @fengshuibydawn #declutteryourlife #fengshui #springcleaning

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