According to the most sophisticated school of Feng Shui above, this is what’s in the STARS for you this year!
Please keep in mind that this is strictly “general” information.
Much depends on the stars that already occupy your living space, and combine with the stars in the solar system this year. Thus, what may appear challenging may not be the case for you. Conversely, what appears to be “lucky energy”.. may in fact not be the case in your home this year.
This can only be determined by an accurate compass degree reading of your home, and your home’s year of construction. This, plus more, is vital to understanding what is in store for you “personally” this year.
For now, avoid spending too much time in the sectors/directions/rooms of your home that have BLACK stars in them. The PURPLE stars/numbers indicate directions/rooms with favorable energy in them.
BTW – If you already know which stars occupy the HEART of your home, and the 4 Star is on the left or right hand side – you are in a ONE YEAR LOCK on either “people’ or “money,” and I recommend that you add “water” right away!
To learn about your home’s LO SHU (Stars), or to set-up a Feng Shui consultation to remedy and enhance your home for 2023, contact us at: or in North America at 949.274.0440
Abundantly Blessings ALWAYS,
Suzee Miller
Feng Shui Author. Consultant. Educator
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