Valentine’s Day Tips 00:00 INTRO Today we are diving in to how You can attract MORE Love, tenderness or sweetness to your life by the design you have in your home. YES, your home decor can help you with L O V E. 01:04 First, what Colors, elements and shapes are in your home? Colors of Love are: pink, red, merlot red, peach, fuchsia and lavender. Do you have any of these colors in your home? Elements of Love are: flowers, candles, Hershey’s kisses, sensual artwork, love birds, certain dishes, teddy bears, pairs to signify being part of a team. Shapes of Love are: hearts, peonies, diamonds. 04:00 Now that we know colors, elements and shapes whats next? Here are some samples of décor items to add to your home. 06:09 Get rid of J U N K. If you have junk in your life, inevitably you have junk in your relationships. Having less junk in your space helps open the energy so love can flow and get to you easily. 07:14 Your BEDROOM SHOULD have quality bed sheets, and an even number of pillows on the bed. Your bedroom should have sensual, LOVING or pairs in the art work. No electronics in the bedroom. 08:38 Happy Shopping and cheers to having more love, tenderness and sweetness in your home. INSTAGRAM: @fengshuibydawn

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