Effortless Organization

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Prepare for the Year of the Water Rabbit via effortless organization.

Elevate your energy and prepare for the possibilities of 2023.

Turn Your Hangers in your closet BACKWARDS TODAY… how is this effortless. Well, when you wear that item, turn the hanger forward. At the end of the year you will see how many clothes you actually wore. This will give you an idea of what may need to be donated.

GET RID OF ONE ITEM PER DAY… this method for many people is so much easier than attacking a closet, a drawer, the garage…

…. CLUTTER in your home/spaces causes chaos in our bodies and minds which makes it harder to connect with people, harder on our health, our jobs, etc.

So to ELEVATE your energy and prepare for the Water Rabbit, its time to organize/cleanse/declutter.

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