Lucky Plants and Flowers for 2023

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Bamboo plants – the hollow structure of the plant helps in the movement of Chi energy. It is believed that the bamboo plant helps in the movement of positive energy, in turn, generating more abundance and prosperity.
1 Stalk – simplicity, meaningful life.
2 Stalks – best for luck in love and marriage.
3 Stalks represent Fu – happiness, Lu – wealth, and Sho – long life and is the Most popular.
4 Stalks – almost never given. Five stalks represent balance, peace, harmony, and power in all areas of your life. Six stalks represent good luck and wealth.

Basil – Traditional basil is also said to bring wealth, luck, and beauty. It was once so revered it was given as an engagement gift among Italians. Plus, basil is thought to contain antidepressant, antiseptic, and antibacterial properties—and it may even repel flies

The Money Tree – Money plants offer an ample amount of energy that is positive in nature, and as the name suggests, it brings money and good luck. …

Jade Tree – Jade Plant is a popular good luck charm in Asia thought to activate financial energies. Jade presence in the house or office is considered auspicious. This beautiful succulent plant has vibrant green leaves that are symbolic of growth and renewal, closely resembling jade coins/stones, symbolic of wealth and prosperity.

Orchid – The oldest feng shui meaning of this flower symbol is fertility, believe it or not. Orchids also represent the energy of purity, perfection, and a very delicate and exotic sense of graceful beauty. Depending on their color and variety, will bring the additional energy of joy, creativity, and passion. Purple is the most auspicious orchid color. Pink is symbolic of love and self care. White is considered a less auspicious color for an orchid in feng shui, so it isn’t recommended as a feng shui adjustment. However, you can still enjoy the beauty of a white orchid in your home.

Rosemary – Grow some rosemary indoors or outdoors to increase luck in your love life. In addition to bringing in luck in love, rosemary was traditionally said to keep away thieves and evil hexes, as well. If you follow the meaning of flowers, rosemary signifies love and remembrance, making it a great holiday gift.

In front of or around your home:
Mandarin / Citrus plant symbol of prosperity and luck – All varieties of citrus trees are considered lucky — especially since many citrus fruits are round and gold, resembling coins for wealth. Citrus trees are popular gifts to celebrate the Chinese Spring Festival. The more fruit your tree has, the luckier it is.

Sweet orange tree attracts well being – They’re considered the most yang of all fruit. Feng shui practitioners use oranges, orange peel and oil in many blessings and cures. It’s seen as creating instant vitality and positive chi. You can grow oranges, lemons, limes, and kumquats indoors on smaller dwarf tree. Calamondin orange trees are traditionally given as gifts around Chinese New Year, sent as good-luck tokens for a fruitful and abundant year. The word orange sounds like the Chinese word for “wealth” which is where the tradition stems from.

Chinese rose / hibiscus symbol of love – yellow hibiscus is often associated with happiness, sunshine, and good luck! Red hibiscus is a symbol of love and passion.

Kumquat tree – symbol of prosperity and well being. Kumquats are native to China, and their name comes from the Cantonese kam kwat, which means “golden orange.” They are a symbol of prosperity and a traditional gift at Lunar New Year, which is why they are a common sight in Chinese households and shops this time of year.

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