Cleanse your Relationships with these Tips!

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Feng Shui can help you:
Have better relationships, work less and earn more money, and have more fun.

• The sooner you learn this, the MORE Enjoyable Life will be. Feng Shui is about creating a life that is MOST enjoyable MOST of the time. Surround yourself with AUTHENTIC people. People you respect and admire and also, people who respect you…The thing about Feng Shui’ing your home and office is that when you BALANCE your spaces it helps you ATTRACT friendly people to your life with effortless ease and grace!

• MINIMALISM – LESS things…..HOW LONG do the expensive name brands bring you JOY? Have you figured out yet that material items in the end do not bring ALL the joy that quality relationships do. As you get older and or gain maturity, you realize the THINGS / the material items bring less JOY to our lives. Sure, they are nice, and they bring happiness for a few days maybe weeks but how soon does the “excitement” wear off and you may be back to feeling melancholy…. CLUTTER WITH LOTS OF material items causes chaos in our bodies… which makes it harder to connect with people…

• Make sure your FRIENDLY RELATIONS GUA OUTSIDE is VERY COLORFUL with as many colors as the rainbow as you can and eight or nine bunnies or ducks. You can use colorful whirly gigs, colorful flags. Do not have POINTY plants like rose bushes with thorns, cacti, aloe vera plants in this section of your land.

• Diving deeper in to Feng Shui, you should Honor your POWER DIRECTIONS which are given to you from your Date Of Birth. How this helps is when conversing with people…especially in IMPORTANT Conversations you face YOUR power direction. Eight Mansions Feng Shui. Go to to learn YOUR Feng Shui element and therefore your POWER DIRECTIONS.

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