Every item should bring you JOY!!

In a recent Feng Shui residential Update for my clients @sarahlynch78 & @aaronyorklynch it came out that some of their home decor brought no joy and actually encouraged a bit of feelings of scarcity. 

Feng Shui encompasses many forms and one form is “what are we/you telling the universe?”  

Sarah & Aaron have decided to come from ABUNDANCE and redecorate some of their home as seen here. 

They replaced an “L” that brought minimal joy to a VIBRANT floral painting that makes them FEEL GOOD. 

EVERY item in your home should bring you JOY!  If it does not, I give your permission to LetItGo!

Call me if you have questions. 

Cheers to you living your BEST, balanced Feng Shui life! ☯

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