Cul de sacs

Cul de sacs and / or homes on a “bend”…

Did you know some people who live in Cul De Sac homes and / or homes on a “bend” in a street can experience health, relationship, and money issues? 

I am here to tell you, some of these issues can be mitigated with Feng Shui.

There are simple changes and easy Feng Shui remedies available to help you live your most OPTIMAL life!

People often call me to Feng Shui to REDUCE health issues, IMPROVE money matters and relationships.

If you live in a cul de sac or in a home where it’s the bend in a street, and are experiencing health and/or money issues, I would love to help you using the principals of Feng Shui (an ancient Chinese Science).

Contact me for YOUR personal Feng Shui consultation.

949 274 0440

In health and chi,

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