Do you know why it’s not a good idea to have your mirror level with your bed? It creates negative energy, or “sha” for the person who sleeps next to it. Since mirrors reflect, it’s a constant stream of energy that’s flowing between the mirror and whatever or whomever it bounces the energy onto. This can cause havoc for the person sleeping next to the mirror, like poor sleep, health issues, headaches, and more.

However, moving the mirror higher up on the wall can prevent this. The key takeaway is to make sure any mirror is not in direct alignment with your bed.

A simple thing like moving your mirror can make a huge impact on your life. Recently, I shared an image of my client that showed her mirror in line with her bed and how that can negatively impact someone. Since raising her mirror to no longer be level with her bed, my client has been sleeping so much better!

If one small change can do that, just imaging what can happen with a full Feng Shui consultation! I would love to help you change your life through a well-balanced home or office.

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