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Imagine that you had the ability to balance your energy and change your life. What would you want to change or attract?

How would it feel to take 3-4 vacations in a year?

Would you like to double your income in less than a year?

Does having less anxiety and depression sound like something you would want?

Are you surrounded by a friendly, supportive circle of friends?

What Can Feng Shui Do For You?

Push the boundaries of your life to new quantum levels to optimize your health, wealth and success with effortless ease and grace.

Treat yourself to an East/West Feng Shui consultation.

Meet Dawn Sumerford

Dawn resides in California and serves clients all over North America. Dawn provides onsite consults as well as telephone consults. She is certified in Eastern and Western Feng Shui, and has been Feng Shui-ing since 2006. With ancient Chinese formulas called Lo Shu Flying Stars, Dawn will determine the unseen energy then identify high- and low-energy “guas” — quadrants within the space.

Dawn applies Feng Shui principles to the interior and exterior of your space to remedy and enhance the five visible elements to the unseen energy based on the compass reading. She will help you create spatial harmony, balance and flow of energy, and enhance the prospects for more peace and cooperation among the occupants. Dawn teaches you how to place all occupants in their respective Power Directions for reduced stress and improved productivity. Finally, she helps you set the intention for wealth within the space.

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