Dawn’s Feng Shui Transforms Spaces

Explore the transformative power of Dawn’s Feng Shui consultations, meticulously crafted to breathe life into your spaces. With her profound expertise, intuitive guidance, and precise compass readings, Dawn revitalizes your environment, attracting health, wealth, and boundless positivity. Clients marvel at their newfound tranquility and success, a confirmation of her insightful analyses and personalized recommendations. Envision a future where your home exudes peace and prosperity, beautifully aligned with your deepest aspirations. Dawn’s dedicated approach guarantees a comfortable, fulfilling experience, paving the way for lasting joy and abundance. Access the potential for true transformation and witness the extraordinary benefits firsthand.

Key Highlights

Dawn’s Feng Shui consultations lead to transformative energy alignment in spaces.

Clients experience significant improvements in health, wealth, and overall positivity.

Detailed energy analysis and compass readings provide precise, tailored recommendations.

Dawn’s guidance promotes tranquility and prosperity, enhancing quality of life.

Personalized consultations ensure spaces radiate positive energy, fostering success and abundance.

Feng Shui By Dawn
• Dawn's Feng Shui consultations lead to transformative energy alignment in spaces

Services Provided by Dawn

Dawn offers detailed and intuitive Feng Shui consultations crafted to transform your space’s energy. With her expertise, you’ll experience a profound space transformation that aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

She meticulously conducts energy analysis, identifying both positive and negative areas in your environment. Through compass readings and precise calculations, Dawn guarantees that every recommendation is tailored to your unique space, making her advice both insightful and actionable.

She suggests easy, impactful changes that resonate deeply. Generous with her time, Dawn answers all your questions, making sure you fully grasp how to optimize your space’s energy.

With Dawn’s expertise, you’re not just rearranging furniture—you’re inviting success and abundance into your life, creating a foundation for lasting joy and fulfillment.


Georgia Y.

This is the second year I consulted Dawn for Feng Shui-ing my home and my business. I had Wonderful experience in both years! Dawn is very detailed, intuitive, and extremely personable. She took time explaining the good and bad for each area of the space and offering remedies (All easy changes!).

After my first consultation with Dawn in June 2023 and following her instruction to make all the recommended changes, Wow so many amazing things had happened! My business has been growing – We have more clients and more employees in less than half year 🙂 I suggested one of my employees to change her seating to honor her power direction. She has been doing so great ever since. Just Wow!

I’m so thankful that I found Dawn to help me during my business’ growing phase. I feel much more at ease knowing that I’m living and working in a space that I can perform the best. It really makes a difference!

Irvine, CA
Jan 28, 2024

Elena M.

I have been using Dawn FS services for over 4 years and every time she exceeds my expectations! Her knowledge and experience in Feng Shui always fascinate me! She is very detailed with the compass readings and calculations, she approaches all spaces with great attention, and she is generous with her time to answer all questions so that your place thrives!

Highly recommend!

Tustin, CA
Oct 21, 2023

Stephanie S.

Hire Dawn! I have been meaning to express my sincere gratitude for Dawn helping me with my new home. She is super professional, kind and knows her stuff. Dawn takes her time to really analyze the energy in your home, and for it being my first time having a professional feng shui consultation- it has made a tremendous impact on my life to from sleep, energy, my kidshealing journey and finances. Dawn met my expectations and her professionalism radiated and she made me feel so comfortable.

Chino, CA
Sep 16, 2023

Robert H.

This is our second year consulting with Dawn. One of our greatest accomplishments thus far was the purchase of our home. Dawn was instrumental in guiding our intentions to pursue and accomplish this dream. Our first consultation also resulted in a home with more peace, and tranquility. We’re looking forward to the blessings and abundance this year will bring as we enhance our new home with the “cures” Dawn suggested. Dawn truly is a blessing and a gifted Feng Shui Consultant.

Thank You Dawn, looking forward to next year!

Mar 19, 2022

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